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ZNM · Voidwatch · Dynamis · Limbus
Reforged Armor
Artifact: IL109 · IL119 Relic: IL109 · IL119 Empyrean: IL109 · IL119
Ultimate Weapons
Relic · Empyrean · Mythic
Welcome to LegionDark Content & Features

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Upcoming Content and Teasers...

  • Walk of the Echoes
  • Unity Notorious Monsters
  • Voidwatch Finale
  • New Custom NMs

Additional Tweaks

About LegionDark
  • LegionDark is hosted on an enterprise grade server, with redundancy built in, to keep availability to the absolute maximum. Bug reports and other issues are actively monitored and handled in an “as-fast-as-possible” manner.

    We have an active forum with the latest newest and update information as well as various other discussions and linkshell specific forums covering all our players needs. We also have a Discord (see link in sidebar) that players are free to make use of while playing on our server.

    We have a fully-featured website that offers the best tools to our players to find as much information as possible about the server, our players, and much much more!

  • Who are we?...
    We are a collective group of people working together to bring the best experience of Final Fantasy XI, on a private server level. We are an ever-changing, ever-growing server with content ranging from Rise of the Zilart all the way to Abyssea and beyond. There is also a wide range and variety of custom content available for players of all levels.

    Much of our content is revamped to make level 99 interesting again, along with the custom content to keep you occupied for a long time.

  • Contribution
    If you're interested in contributing to the Legiondark Wiki, please contact us on Discord and an Admin will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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