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Server Features

  • Level cap 99.
  • All Maps and Outposts Unlocked.
  • Explorer Moogle 3 cities, Selbina, Mahura.
  • EXP 3x Retail.
  • Books 2x Retail.
  • Combat and crafting skills 9x Retail.
  • Small regen/refresh/regain with buff to level 75.
  • Over 200 Custom NM’s geared for 99 players up to Multi-Alliance Mobs.
  • 9 Custom Abyssea zones With working custom ATMAs for EXP and HNM fun, all geared and balanced for 99 play.
  • ALL Blue Magic working.
  • Custom Trials and Quests for Salvage and +1/AF3 +1-2/Empy/Relic/Mythic(and upgrades).
  • Custom KSNM.
  • Regular scheduled version updates to introduce new gear and content.
  • Moderately buffed food… Nothing insane!
  • Enabled player commands.
  • Stocked AH.

Please also note this is not intended to be an easy mode server. You will be expected to work for what you want as everything is designed to be achievable and thoroughly tested with the amount of players each mob is designed to be killed by.

Server Info

  • The Firewall is Cisco Meraki with 500G state full throughput.
  • The Switching is Cisco Meraki Gig switching.
  • Hyper-V host in place and will be running Gameserver and Webserver VMs.
    • No, we do not have 256 individual VMs running and never will. That is pointless, stupid, and a waste of perfectly good resources.
  • Hard drive storage system I/O is operating with 15k RPM HDDs in a RAID 10 array.
  • CPU is running 24 cores at 2.5Ghz
  • 32 GB of DDR3 RAM operating at 1333 Mhz
    • Sorry folks, unlimited RAM does not exist despite what the slider in VMWare tells you.
  • Network throughput from the firewall to the server is operating with 4 1G NIC’s running into a 10G vSwitch and adapters.

Server Rules

All players should read this.

Can I transfer from another server?

Yes! This guide shows you how to export your character and create a character transfer request.

Multi-boxing / dual boxing

Yes you can run multiple accounts/characters at the same time, except in Dynamis and Limbus areas (serious bugs involved there).

However you need to be aware that you will at random run into difficulties doing things like missions and quests while you do this. These are not mistakes in our server's scripts, but a side effect of the socket and session handling common to all FFXI private servers. Sometimes some of your characters will not have progress updated while others will, or one of your characters won't get a key item added. This will force you to repeat steps you already did, and possibly get your progress stuck until a GM can intervene.

Players Online?

How many players are online right now*?

  • Note: This feature is disabled until the web server is moved.
    Currently it incorrectly displays who is online showing 0/0 players even after maintenance is over, we assure you there are players on the server.

Final Fantasy XI Install & Setup

To start playing you will need to install PlayOnline, Final Fantasy XI and the Ashita launcher(Preferred) or Windower (be aware that most of us at LegionDark are ashita folks, we're unlikely to be able to help you on Windower issues. Contact DSP for help, those are mostly windower people).

LegionDark Installation Guide

Video: Ashita Install Guide

Enhancements known to cause bugs

Enhancements are 3rd party applications/plugins/addons that enhance the gameplay experience of Final Fantasy XI.


Cut Scene Events may freeze when the game is not running at its stock frame per second.
Workaround: set fps back to normal before triggering the CS event you are getting stuck on.

Ashita Addons & Plugins

none yet.

Windower Addons & Plugins

Addon: Pet_Fix

Can prevent pet animations from working


None yet.

New Player Resources

LegionDark Database Tools

Item Tool. Look up monster drop info, auction history, player bazaars and more.

Character Tool. View character profiles including job levels, crafting levels, current equipment, auction history, bazaar items, and more.

Monster Tool Search monster database for modified monster levels and hp/mp, item drop rates, respawn information and more.

BCNM Tool. Information on level cap, drop rates, party size and more. (Note: Not all BCNMs are not supported by Darkstar. See the BCNM/KSNM Status page for more info.)

Blue Magic Tool. Find monsters and areas for learning specific Blue Mage Spells.

Auction House Anywhere!

Using the custom command $ah you can access the Auction house from anywhere in game!

Auction House Auto-Buy

Certain items will be automatically purchased for a fixed price by the AH-Bot. For example, when you finish using lower level gear, just sell it on the Auction House. If the price meets the fixed buy back price, AH-Bot will buy it back at predetermined times. See Bronze Subligar for example.

How do I get around?

  • All Outposts are unlocked. Use the Teleporter NPCs around Vana'diel to travel quickly.
  • Home Point Teleporting is enabled. After reaching a Home Point you can then teleport there from any other Home Point. (Note: Favorites list is not currently working.)
  • Use a Warp Ring to get back to your home point.

How do I level up?

How do I setup a Cure alt?

  • Cure Please is an approved app for setting up a cure bot. See this video guide for setup help.

How do I find out about weather?


What is different from retail / What is working or not working?

  • Many Notorious Monsters (NMs) have been level adjusted (higher) and can drop custom items. Always check the LegionDark Monster Tool to look for any modified levels and item drops!
  • Trusts do not currently work on Darkstar.
  • Job Testimonial items are one-time use items!!! If you fail the lvl70 Maat fight, you MUST farm another testimony to be able to challenge Maat another time. Be sure to drop the old testimony before farming another.

For more comprehensive information, see this post on the official Darkstar Project Wiki.

Available jobs

Most jobs are available with the exception of PUP, GEO, RUN. More Information.

Custom player commands

LegionDark features custom commands to enhance your gameplay experience.

Custom food

The $shop 2 command lets you buy Custom Food anywhere in the game.

Classic Dynamis

No procs! See Information and instructions for entering Dynamis.

All jobs Artifact Armor NPC

The original Artifact 1 Armor for all available jobs can be purchased for 500gil from the AF Storage NPC in Lower Jeuno or in the starter kingdoms.

Relic, Mythic, Empyrean Weapons

Relic Weapons
Mythic Weapons
Empyrean Weapons

Empyrean Armor NPC and Upgrade

AF3 Shop Moogle
AF3 Upgrade Moogle

Limbus information

Limbus Information

BCNM Information

The list of working and non-working BCNMs and KSNMs can be found here: BCNM/KSNM Status

ZNM Information

Zeni Notorious Monsters

Voidwatch information

Voidwatch information

End game NMs

Various guides for End game custom content

More info on custom content and server modifications

Additional Custom Content Resources
Various legiondark related guides


Help, I'm stuck! How do I get unstuck?

Login to your user profile and use the unstuck button under the character.

How do I change my character email or password?

Login to your user profile and use the account menu, next to logout at top right. From there you can change your email or password for logging into your character.

Something is broken! What do I do?

  1. Ask in the in game LegionDS Linkshell
  2. File a support ticket:

Common issues and how to fix them

See this guide for solutions to common issues.


Fill out a support ticket (above) for all issues except server exploits. For exploits contact a GM on Discord or in game if they are online.
GM List:

Have a question?

Ask in player Q&A

Official Resources

LegionDark Website

LegionDark Forums


Many thanks to player Kairo for their contribution towards the creation of this guide. :)

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